Island break

14 March 2012

Hey Folks! its been awhile...apologies. I went to the Isle of Wight with husubono on the weekend, and it was glorious weather and I am still in shock, as it is only March!
It was my burfday on saturday and its Nao's birthday today, so lots going on.
We went to the local beach as usual and it is so quite out of holiday season, perfect.

we slept on the beach and had tea's in between.

and a lovely walk through the Botanical Gardens as usual.

So we are still busy sorting out house things, deciding whether to rent or buy, in London or somewhere else...blimey! I guess we will end up just moving a few yards down the street.

Once we have moved I can concentrate on my blog too, because one thing I hate is being in Limbo Land, its very distracting indeed.

p.s. my cherry tree has got huge buds on therefore it will be a good summer!

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