In Memoriam

12 May 2022

My friend died this time last year. She was 43. We had been friends since childhood. The last time I saw her she was showing me her garden and all the things she had been growing from seed, and her vegetable patch. She loved nature and looked after any injured birds that would happen to pass her garden. When I picture her, in my mind, I can see and hear her telling me about what she is going to do next in her garden.

She died very suddenly last May, due to a blood clot in her brain. It is still very hard to come to terms with that her death was unnecessary. We miss her greatly.
Shortly after, I collected some flowers from her garden, flowers that she had been showing me in bud, excitement at things beginning to bloom. Plants she had looked after everyday. I pressed them in a book, and recently I made them into some pictures.

I took lots of photos of them, as I know the colours will fade over time. I didn't mean the black one to look morbid, just that the colours of the flowers showed up better on a dark background.

The hills are shadows, and they flow
From form to form, and nothing stands;
They melt like mist, the solid lands,
Like clouds they shape themselves and go.

Alfred Lord Tennyson 1850

That excerpt is from a longer poem the author wrote about his friend who also died suddenly from a brain haemorrhage age 22. My home looks over the Tennyson Downs near to where he lived, so it seemed apt to quote it here.

May is a beautiful month and I am very grateful to be around to enjoy it. Marie, I picked these for you.


  1. Anonymous12.5.22

    I am so sorry your dear friend passed, Artemis. And I think the black background looks beautiful - the flowers appear suspended in time and space.

  2. Anonymous12.5.22


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  5. Anonymous12.5.22

    The black is beautiful. Okay

  6. Anonymous12.5.22

    Such a beautiful post Artemis. I remember Marie sending me photos of her garden, she was a special soul and I'll never forget her. Sending love to you ❤

  7. Anonymous12.5.22

    What a beautiful memory of a treasured friend, I love the black it really highlights the colour and form of Marie’s lovely garden flowers. Sending hugs xx

  8. Anonymous12.5.22


  9. such beauty amidst the pain. Hugs.

  10. Anonymous13.5.22

    So beautiful and so sad at the same moment

  11. Anonymous13.5.22

    Love this so much Artemis! What perfectly fitting way to remember and honour a dear friend. The ties that bind us are sacred and everlasting - so these beautiful bits of nature are so apt! I hope that every time you look at them you feel your bond grow and your grief diminish. 🤍

  12. Anonymous13.5.22

    special flowers x I’ve got some special flowers too 💔

  13. Very special post to always remember your friend and her love of nature.

  14. Thank you for sharing, it is sad and beautiful, and heartwarming to fell these mixed emotions. I am very sorry for your lost of such a special person.

  15. What a beautiful tribute to your dear friend!!

  16. Anonymous13.5.22

    Not morbid at all. Your talent has shown again. It’s a beautiful way to honour your friend.

  17. Anonymous15.5.22

    This is a beautiful way to remember your friend,
    And to remember that special time that you spent together
    A lovely tribute


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