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8 March 2022

More jewellery! I have been busy at my work bench lately, although trying to concentrate on what feels so insignificant compared to all that is happening around the world. I think a lot of us are feeling like that right now.
Anyhow, I have just added some little white diamond items to the shop, 18ct gold diamond ring and some 9ct gold diamond stud earrings.

Me! (excuse the blurry pic) I was going to take part in Meet the Maker on Instagram but I got side tracked. So here I am instead!
I'm going to be 44 in a couple of days, I live in a flat with my two children. I was born on the Isle of Wight where we live and I began making jewellery whilst studying Fine Art, where I sold it on the street to make money. I play guitar (a bit) and I like gardening and swimming in the sea. I learnt to drive when I was 41!
I have three older brothers. I have been a vegetarian since I was 10 years old. My parents came from London. I like to sing loudly when no one is around and I drink tea about every hour.

(my daughter and I when she was little)

A completely different subject...

I, like most other people, am completely horrified by the war in Ukraine, the loss of precious life and the terror inflicted upon the citizens. I feel so completely useless in my quiet little life here on the island. I can only help by donating some money, and educating my children about freedom and peace, the value and compassion for life, and the preservation of culture. They are just small, but for children this is something they don't really need to be taught because they understand these simple concepts from birth it seems. It is the adults that need to be taught this, and reminded of this (and I'm referring to a certain few in this world).

I have started to collate a board of Ukrainian culture, that my daughter and I have enjoyed and been very moved by. Simple, colourful, peaceful, happy, were the words my daughter used to describe these pictures, and it contrasts so desperately with the pictures she has seen on the news lately. I am sure that we will see more colourful Ukrainian art for many centuries to come, if you can make a crown out of flowers instead of gold.

All our love and support to, our neighbours, Ukraine.


  1. Susan8.3.22

    Beautiful pinboard, thank you 💙💛

  2. Yes,the pin board is beautiful to see during a dark time for all of us. Pray for those beautiful people in Ukraine.

  3. Beautiful post .. 💙💛💙💛 I adore the pinboard . 🕊 It’s so fitting for these incredible brave people .. xx


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