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22 January 2019

Working as a self employed or freelance person can become a little isolating if you always work from home (I have noticed) so it is nice to get out of the house from time to time and feel a little more focused on work or just to feel like there is a world going on out there whilst you are glued to your laptop.
I usually work from home or from our shop, or from our London workshop, but I am an inherently lazy person, and get easily distracted by kettles and children, or things I just 'forgot' to do, to avoid the boring things I have to do on the computer.

Lately I have been getting more work done when I take my laptop somewhere else, and you have the luxury of having someone bringing over your tea and then taking the cup away again to wash it up. I can't think of anything more perfect to be honest.

Obviously, please don't assume any cafe or wherever will be happy with you making a makeshift office in their establishments. London commercial rents and business rates will make your jaw drop to the floor, so making sure you are constantly consuming something is essential and a drop in the ocean if you had to actually pay for desk space in a capital city.

Here are a few places suggested by my friends over on Instagram (thank you!), I haven't tried them all personally, so don't take my word for it, but I trust their judgement. They have been recommended as nice places to work all day without feeling awkward.
I put some links below...

London is a huge place, so if you have any other suggestions (or outside of London too, Bristol?? Edinburgh??) please add them in the comments below. I think it could be helpful for our fellow freelancers.

p.s. I am located between Waterloo Station and Holborn Circus, anymore around there is most welcome to me personally.

*the photo is from my favourite cafe Petitou in Peckham. Not that great for computer work but it was the only photo I had of a cafe. If you are an artist then sketchbooks are more welcome there.

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  1. my favourite is Husk Cafe in Limehouse. it's relaxed, affordable, super spacious with lovely mismatched furniture, and everyone is working hard on something. the best.


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