Happy Winter 2018!

27 December 2018

I hope you are all having a very relaxing xmas (or insert other festive celebration) wherever you are out there! I struggled a bit this year I must admit but I'm more than looking forward to the new year.
The kids have been having a good time of it and were thoroughly spoilt of course.
We had a big dinner with my family in Ventnor so this was our second family do at our house which is a tad more peaceful as it was just us, in fact Leif fell asleep just before it was ready so he missed out for the most part!

I will be back here for the New Year, crikey they flash past so quickly now!

p.s. I was totally unorganised at couldn't sort the eco friendly crackers in time (for those who asked via Instagram) but I will for next year. The scraps of these ones will end up in Pehr's making box ; )

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