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26 August 2018

So this became the year I began to learn to drive. Up until now I have either not had enough money to learn or I didn't need to drive (like when i lived in London) so now at 40, it's like going back to school again.
I'm learning to drive manual but this is my new car! and it is automatic.

I saw this car whilst thinking about what sort of car I'd like to drive. As you may know we already have a few vintage cars just because we love old things. However I like the fact that this car is not too old as it was made in 1990, but it looks and feels vintage.

It was made only for a couple of years in Japan, so this car came all the way from Japan to Swansea where I bought it from the dealer there. They kindly brought the car down to the Isle of Wight ferry port, so before taking it back on the ferry, I had a little drive around the New Forest.

It is now enjoying the company of our van, I think they look good together!
So I will keep you updated how it goes, but I'm far away from taking my test yet.
Fingers crossed!

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