The Storm

31 July 2018

The day after we arrived back home from London, a storm crept over the Island. It was not like any storm that we are used to in these parts. It was warm and the wind felt like it came from a strange direction. The sky changed from dark grey to clear blue in a few moments and then went back to blue again. The rain fell in great big dollops instead of the normal drizzle that we usually get.
The sea changes from crystal clear blue, to raging opaque greeny grey colour.

Whilst our van shook with the force of the wind, we had a nice cup of hot chocolate.

On the way home we stopped by some of the dramatic barley fields to collect some plants to use in my jewellery photos.

I always find amazing inspiration from dead plants and seed heads.

It has been a very up and down time at home too...on the last day of our London trip, Little P had a nasty stomach bug all through the night and then Nao became sick too! We managed it home a day later and now Leafy is suffering the same : (

With many thanks to Nao Utsumi for these photos.

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