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31 July 2018

Living on a small island is wonderful and peaceful, however, both my mister and I spent most of our adult life in London so it is always a joy to return as tourists, and show the kids what London is all about.

We went to:

Columbia Road flower market.

P bought a little 1980s jacket 💕

Mr Leafy bought some cars (which have already been involved in numerous crashes )

We ate watermelon with plastic forks.

More flowers at Covent Garden antique market...

London Transport Museum, where Mr Leafy almost exploded with amazement.

(a rather passionate hug went wrong)

one of the first ever tube trains.

And then Victoria Park...

Where we had the most delicious sorbet.

...and then visited the toyshop...

We had a quick visit to the British Museum to see the mummies (again).

And a cool off at the Granary Square water jets in Kings cross.

We were a bit late the next day for Bermondsey Antiques market, but we just managed to find a few nice stalls.

It was sweltering hot, and we dragged moaning children to the pub for lunch, which we hoped would have air conditioning but sadly it did not.

...we were all wilting, but luckily a waiter came to the table and gave us a big jug of ice cubes, which entertained the kids for the whole lunch time.

P found Mr Leafy's face, when eating an ice cube, exceedingly amusing.

Its a beautiful pub, and the food was perfect.

I love the decoration here too, I used to come here many moons ago when I worked on the same street.

We were not looking forward to the London traffic in the intense heat, so we bought some plastic glasses and ice cubes from the corner shop for the kids. Apparently that was one of the best bits of London according to P

We finally arrived back to the Island a day or so later than planned, but it was refreshing to find a storm on the way. we stayed over at my mums house in Ventnor so that we could have a dinner without kids to recover from the trip ; )

We went to this new place in Ventnor called Stripped

It used to be a bank!

Amazing food, delicious in fact 😋

And then a drink at the Spyglass Pub to end the holiday.

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