5 April 2018

I can't quite explain my passion in words for rocks, but I guess being a jewellery maker does make me drawn to them. I love the colours and textures and the facets and inclusions.
I, in no way believe that they hold any healing powers though I have to say, except they make me happy when I look and them and hold them in my hand...so..maybe in that way? 



If you follow my Instagram stories then you'll already know that I bought this new collection of rocks for my forth coming RUST Jewellery photos for our website. I have played around with displays and photos using crystals and jewellery before and I love the colour that they bring to the website.
I looked for specific sizes and colours that would work well with precious metals and our diamonds, and using textured backgrounds like concrete, linen, marble and paper.

(polished rutilated quartz)

These agate slices are for shop display.

I love the layers in this citrine crystal, and the smokey orange and blush tint of hematite within these quartz points below.

I will post some of the jewellery photos here soon, once I get the time to take them! Plus we have some new collections on the way too!

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