5 April 2018

Nothing quite like the smell of spring and new buds on the tree to put a smile on our faces.
I'm so glad to see the back of winter now and all the illness it brought us (although the snow was very pleasing!).

To mark the start of spring we organised a little egg hunt in the garden, and a candle lit supper.

Little P picked some primroses from the garden and we set the table with all things spring like.

It was a last minute happening due to some work deadlines and ill health, we had to cancel Mr Leafy's 2nd birthday party sadly : (
But I had a sudden bout of energy and cooked a supper of mushroom, leek and stilton pies, potatoes with asparagus, garlic and feta. And salad.

It's becoming a bit of a thing to have a candle lit dinner to celebrate the seasons. The kids love it and really get in the festive mood. We had easter crackers and some small presents after dinner too!
I think they love drinking out of wine glasses.

I know I have such solid memories of big late night dinners when I was a kid so I hope they have similar memories when they are older too : )

P.s I have saved some little videos of this day over on my instagram if you're interested.

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