the ending of the year

28 December 2017

Here are a few photos of our xmas, just us four at home. We did spend some time at my mum's house having two (!) xmas dinners with all the family, and then we came home and had our own family xmas as well. As always it's such a delight to have two littluns around the table.
I was going to post some more pictures of decorations but I came down with a few illnesses in the run up to the big day, so I had to just prioritise a bit.

I bought a 'P' and a 'L' for the tree this year, from Anthropologie on our last family trip to London.

And I really enjoyed using my new wax seal set for wrapping up my pressies this year! In fact I have already ordered lots of new waxes and seals for other projects.

Little P with some of her new toys.

A very impressive baker. Mince Pies to die for!

Our Yule dinner table...with linen bed sheet as a table cloth, vintage plates, cutlery and glasses...Ikea linen napkins and handmade beeswax candles. The gold stars had our fortune cookies inside.

I made some mushroom and stilton starry pies for our dinner and they seem to go down very well. Both the kids ate their sprouts, incredible.

I hope you all had lovely relaxing holidays and best wishes for the New Year to come! xx

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