new year's eve

31 December 2017

So the last day of 2017 is upon us, and as we don't usually do anything to celebrate New Year's Eve, this year I decided to start a new tradition for our little family...a nice dinner and a pressie for the kids. It was a really lovely way to see out the year and well worth the effort.

I enjoyed laying the table with a fresh vibe after all the xmas.

The ceramic fruit are from a xmas craft fair. I really love them! They're casted from real fruit and have little gold tops on the end of their stalks.

The kids seem to love sitting at a candle lit supper.

Practising their table manners!

P had some play-doh and Mr Leafy had some toy motorbikes in his present ; )

Apart from the odd quick walk on the beach, we've pretty much done nothing at all, all holidays, which suits us all fine! Its been a really hectic year with so much going on, and lots of ill health which I hope won't follow us into the next year, fingers crossed.

Overall, I just want everything to continue as it is, I really can't complain about anything...I'm really very lucky and I'll make sure I never forget it.

(beach photos by my mister Nao Utsumi)

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