3 November 2017

A couple of weeks ago (excuse the delay!) It was our daughter's 5th birthday, yes FIVE, what?
It's crazy I know.

We had a small gathering of her friends (under the rule of amount of kids = years of life). It was nice and although I had minor panic attacks about hosting my first ever party games, it all went rather smoothly. I drank a lot of wine and that helped.

My mum made a fantastic butterfly cake this year so that was one less things to panic about!
I made the food for the adults, it was a surprisingly warm and sunny october weekend.

I have been gradually sorting out our house a bit over the last couple of weeks too. decluttering and arranging things differently. It's very therapeutic I find.

We've also had a fantastic halloween, trick or treating with friends, carving pumpkins with friends, drinking a lot and being merry.
I looked bit like this by the end...

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