winter at RUST Yarmouth

27 October 2016

I have been working on our shop display and website photos today.
We have reshuffled our Yarmouth shop and added lots of new things...the window displays are almost finished. I hope to be uploading the new collection online within the next week.
Some things are only available for our shop, like candles and other handmade things.
T'was a home production ; )

I found these old pots in the antique market, actually I have bought many before from there and I just love 'em. They are all slightly different, and the more cracked or chipped the better if you ask me! I think they originally contained fish paste or mustard, that kind of pungent condiments. How funny those Victorians would think that these old pots would be filled with soy wax and fine essential oils and sold in a jewellery shop ; )

I made one whopper, that's for me! Actually I used it to drain out what was left after each different oil, so there is three layers of different scent in that big pot.

...and in their new shelf unit in the shop...

Some more photos I took for the website...

Our new collection is hand carved chevron and laurel leaf carved wreath necklaces, available in silver and 9ct yellow or rose gold.

So there are still a few more things to do in the shop before xmas, but I'm liking the festive smell in the shop very much : )


  1. Love, love, love, love it all! Really adore the vintage pots and the way you've styled everything. Shame I'm living in The Netherlands as I would really like to visit your shop! :)

  2. Wish I wasn't across the Pond, I'd be shopping at Rust! Your displays are so lovely and gentle and artistic. I love them and of course, the jewelry is stunning! Such a good job all the way around!

  3. So much beauty here, on so many levels!

  4. I wish I was closer to visit your shop but I'm in New Zealand. You have such beautiful jewellery and the candles look great with perfect 'flavours' for me!

  5. Every time that you post something about your shop I miss my own. But no, I'm glad I don't have it anymore.
    I love how you styled everything and, as always, I'm in love with your ring. I need to find someone who gets me one, he he.

  6. Stunning with a capital S! You're a born stylist Artemis! The pieces that Rust make are swoon worthy - I especially love how strongly the theme of nature features in all that you create... sigh. xx

  7. Beautiful photos, I hope to visit your shop one day as I've been reading your blog for years now! Lauren from Devon, UK :)

  8. You have inspired me to make candles! Yes I bought a starter kit today. Hope my candles turn out half as nice as yours look. Love all the pictures!

  9. I love your blog it is fab. You inspired me to take my hobby of crafting further and I want to visit your shop as soon as I can. You live in a very beautiful place.:)

  10. Love this blog and how you do things. You have a special way about you which inspires everybody.
    I have only recently found the blog, by accident, but I am rather addicted to checking in on whats
    going on now. I have a suggestion, the little houses in the domes are lovely, but if you made
    them Christmassy I bet you'd sell them all. Continue doing what you do. xx

  11. This is so incredible Artemis. I dearly wish I could visit your shop -- it must be the prettiest shop ever. And now I want candles and a necklace.

    1. I was just looking at the posts here about the doll house and thinking that Alicia from Posie Gets Cozy would probably love this and here you are. You are two of my favorite bloggers as crafters and young moms and you both inspire me. Thank you!


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