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26 August 2016

Some more family photos!
Unfortunately we have been so busy this summer, mostly with our new baby and our online jewellery business (which is usually quiet during the holidays) has been busy too. We haven't been able to get away as much as we had hoped, but hopefully we will close our business and shop for one weekend in September so that we can have at least one week of uninterrupted family time...and go camping!
That is the beauty of living down here on the Isle of Wight, you can literally just nip down to the beach and make the most of a free evening or afternoon.
We did manage one full day on the beach which was absolute bliss. Our son is doing so well, and has been a joy to be with. Sleeping well and smiling lots whatever we are doing. Our daughter is giving us some challenges every day though, but I know she is grappling some very hefty concepts and emotions, so we just grin and bare it for now ; )

They both love each other so much and it makes me swell up with pride to see it!

I've yet to get a picture of all four us at the same time, but I will endeavour!!

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  1. Thank you for your lovely post and pictures. I enjoy your blog, seeing your family and your wonderful creativity.


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