that was summer 2015 (part 1)

24 August 2015

Crikey, summer has almost said farewell and I can sniff autumn in the air already. Lots of changes have occurred in our normal life due to the opening of our shop, so, we have much less free time than we used to, so my blog has been left to gather dust for the last month or so. This is temporary because obviously August is the prime time for shops on the Isle of Wight, so we will be reducing our opening times for autumn and winter. Also, we may hire staff to cover the shop in the future seeing as it is doing so well sales wise. Anyway, that is info surplus to is a catch up of what we have managed to do this summer (mostly during the mondays and tuesday when the shop is closed! ).

Seems like ages ago now, but just before we opened the shop, we went along to the Rhythm Tree festival, in a beautiful part of the Isle of Wight. It was a lovely relaxed and colourful little festival and we all had a lovely day there (we are not normally festival go-ers to be honest).

The wildlife trust had a little corner in the woods where we made a little mud man.

...some other kids stuck them on trees...

The music is from all over the world, and the festival is perfect for kids and chilling out (lots of yoga and meditating going on!).

On a different monday and tuesday, we went to a campsite in Dorset, but it rained quite a bit and we were pretty knackered. We managed to have a good time though, because the tot just beamed the whole time, which is always very rewarding!

Because out littlun is almost three, this was her first time to sleep in the bunk bed in our van, she absolutely loved it so much!

(of course if she fell out she would just land on the double bed below, for those who get concerned about these things ; )

We spent both days on the beach, mostly I just got 40 winks whilst nipper went in search of dead jelly fish.

We had to utilise our wind breakers to be able to have a fire (and veggie sausage bun)

We made the best of our slightly rainy camping trip, but it was nice to get back home and to our local cafe etc...

We have had quite a few rainy indoor days too.

Me and the littlun made a card for our brilliant childminder Lizzie, she did all the pink bits!

part 2 of our summer is coming up next ; )


  1. Whatever the weather, your lives seem so idyllic! Really pleased to hear the shop is going so well, my parents had their own shop and it's jolly hard work!

  2. So glad to see your post! I'm glad the new shop is doing so well.

  3. That photo of the sheep with it's head through the wire is brilliant and I love Lizzie's card. Glad to hear you are selling well in the shop. Will you be at Ardingly next week?

  4. Great to see you back. Love all your photos, nice to see your new shop is doing well.


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