tapestry weaving - wall hanging

13 September 2014

So this is my latest creation! I'd say it is an experiment, just making it up as I go along and the end result is something a bit abstract ; )  I am quite happy about some of the colours and textures that occurred unexpectedly so I think this way of weaving is a really good lesson in understanding yarns and how they work together and using colour a bit like paint. All very good fun indeed.
Usually whenever I use wool, its to make something to wear, so it has to 'go' with other things and has to be washed ok. But using wool in a decorative way is totally different so you can just go for it!

Weaving in the evening! Actually this one took me about 7 hours, which I did in one day and finished at 2.30am (the photo below was taken by my mister just as he was going to bed).

There is a bit of a resurgence of woven wall hangings I have noticed, particularly the more native american style patterns from the US even being sold in Athropologie and the like. I think in general, people are starting to find handmade rough textures and wonky things more and more attractive in interior decor. I am all for this trend.
My inspiration comes from the 'bible' of fiber arts...Golden Hands magazines. Not sure if it is because I was born in the 70s (yes, shut up), but I blimmin love that decade. Macrame choker anyone? Hand embroidered hanky case? Crocheted wedding dress? Patchwork maxi skirt?...words fail me...I just LOVE it all.

Each magazine comes with a short guide on many different methods.

Smocking and macrame are next on my list. 

I expect a lot of our mums are shuddering with nostalgia right now, 'macrame pot holders?? NO, not again'!

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