plum harvest

16 August 2014

How excited are we! Our plum tree at the bottom of our garden as produced a bumper crop of sweet juicy we just have to keep up picking them before the worms, ants and birds do. Going to the bottom garden has become a daily activity and its great to see the littlun getting excited about it too.

she loves helping her dad pick plums.

and when he's not looking...

with plums coming out of our ears, I made a really quick plum tart (literally just pastry with plums on top, dusting of sugar and a few drops of vanilla paste) peasy!

and truly satisfying that even if we were at war or all the supermarkets closed down, we'd still have our plums to survive on.

...well, we'd need a cow to make some ice cream but you know what I mean.

and the best thing is,....theres tons more where they came from.

p.s. (yes I know I could make jam, but we really don't eat that much jam, so I'd rather eat them fresh or in some kind of cake)

p.p.s apples, pears and peaches next! I'm so excited its ridiculous.

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