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16 March 2014

On this lovely sunny March day, I thought I'd take a few photos of my shed. If you've been following my blog for a while you will probably have seen it in it's previous state, as this shed had been re-built THREE times now! After many rental flats, we have finally bought our own house so it will remain here for a very long time. In the move down from London to the Isle of Wight, it suffered as a dismantled pile of wood in the garden, rotting and covered in snail poo. After a LOT of work, it has been resurrected and sealed up, repainted and made good. Here is a tour of how it looks nowadays >

due to our new garden layout, my shed door is now on the other end so its sort of mirror image of how it was before.

This time, I filled my shed with lots of tools and equipment not only for sewing but making all kinds of things. And my new chair is one of a pair from, the other one is in our kitchen.

I used to store thread in an old glass jar, but how annoying when you see the one you want right at the bottom and can't get to it. I found this easier - slide them onto knitting needles and hang up with a curtain clip.

I use clothes pegs for pretty much everything, these old German ones are of superior quality, (at least I think they are German ahem)

I actually think I got a bit obsessed with order and storage. Having a toddler around means there's not much peace and quite and tidiness to be had in the house. My shed is like a haven for me, everything has a place and all is calm.

I found some things in the market that I thought would help my storage issues. This is/was an old cake tin >

and I think this was meant for dishes >

I used to find sewing a bit annoying when I needed to iron something as I went along, and had to stop and go indoors. So I found this small folding table and made an ironing pad to tie onto it, and hung it up on the door.

It's just right. (I usually have my sewing machine out on the table by the way).

And I fitted a nice new shiny rim lock which I'm quite proud of.

 and keeping my shed tidy is a bit of an obsession too.

I used loads of these butchers hooks and small white baskets from Ikea...

I love being in my shed, but even more... I love it when my daughter comes to knock on the door with a cup of tea

(only joking, it's an empty mug doh!)

My shed looks out onto a nature reserve, so some days I just end up staring out of the window.

coming up Mister, Nao's new shed!

(p.s. you can read past post about our sheds here)

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