determined to knit

1 March 2014

I'm not a 'knitter' I'm more of a weaver. so to speak...I just don't have enough patience to be a proper knitter and I find it very complicated. I like to start and complete a project within the same day otherwise I lose interest, such a bad habit!

But I really fancy the idea of sitting down and making something whilst on the train or watching telly, which you can't really do whilst weaving. So I have been starting some really basic knitting, and as you can see, I mean REALLY basic! I made a neck warmer (?) out of some very soft wool with mohair in it. I'm quite chuffed with myself!

I also made a small collar and a scarf for the nipper, out of this amazing coloured stripy wool.

An now, I am very determined to make a nice long scarf for my mister's birthday pressie (below). I really hope I can get it made in time, I calculate that I will need to do at least 20cm per day. Wish me luck!

I do prefer the look of knitting more than crochet, but I might give that a go day ; )

p.s. why do I get funny looks from people when I knit on the train, do you get that too??

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