Island life

8 December 2013

We are so lucky to live a few minutes walk from this woods. We visited it recently to find some nice twigs and pine cones for our Yule decorations.

this was the only pine cone we found, but luckily one of our neighbours had a ton of them in his garden, so we stocked up there instead. Anyways, the woods are amazing and the trees are vast.

We've also had nice walks on the beach, our little'un absolutely loves it and she runs about in her wellies.

We have eaten the most amazing huge duck eggs.

and we've been to buy our Yule tree, which was grown here on the Isle of Wight.

it is difficult to keep hold of the nipper in exciting places such as this.

not usre if this is the one we went for but it is very similar.

we should have bought our van me thinks.

This pic reminds me of that first scene in 2001: Space Odyssey.

a certain somebody is always happy when she is free to roam about by herself without any pesky parents saying 'no' all the time.

For some reason we seem to get a beautiful sunset every night here on the Island.


  1. aww- I love all these pics- looks so festive!

  2. lovely sunset! and what a lovely way to spend the hols, so close to nature and with so much less rushing about.

  3. Your location is so pretty, love the last photo of sunset x

  4. Anonymous8.12.13

    Beautiful as always, thank you and Merry Christmas !

  5. I love that last one of her on her own. Upright, independent, going places!
    You live with great beauty, glad that you share it.

  6. Gorgeous photos! And it's lovely to see your little'un exploring everything!

  7. I would love know where you purchased the rabbit eggcup

    1. It was a xmas (or birthday?) pressie from my Mister a few years ago, but its by this company...

  8. Louise9.12.13

    Your home is looking gorgeous! I love your blog, every time I take a look I feel inspired and uplifted! X

  9. I just discovered your blog and fell in love with your craftmanship. You are very talented in so many ways. Thanks for sharing.
    (PS I like so much your eggcup, may I ask where they are from ?)

  10. beautiful photos and want an amazingly cute lovely little one! x

  11. Hi Artemis, can I ask where you got your coat from? It looks so warm! Anna x

  12. It's from Zara boys section! I really like it for walking, it's so warm and light.

  13. This is all adorable :)

  14. Idyllic.You live such a romantic lifestyle. You are an amazing family and soooooo talented. Your blog really cheers me up and gives me inspiration. THANKYOU xxx

  15. Anonymous10.12.13

    How is Plimsoll enjoying the Isle of Wight?

  16. Beautiful sunset indeed.

  17. So sweet seeing your little one toddling along!

  18. I love your blog so much, it makes me very excited looking at your pictures, your blog has inspired me so much and it was down to your post on Jims camping we had the most beautiful wedding anniversary, thanks for sharing and cant wait for 2014 reads. Much love, Claire x



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