upside-down raindrops

18 September 2013

I bought an old trunk at the last Antiques fair we went to. It was pretty ropey, it cost £35 I think. I'd already painted it off-white, and I decided to wall paper the inside of it with this vintage paper.
Its a bit OTT I guess, but I always love it when you see an old grubby box in a flea market and when you open it, its lined in some snazzy paper, that someone took the time and trouble to do.

So I'm not really sure what to put in it. I was thinking maybe a dressing up box for the Littley?

...well, it looks like its a home for her toys already.

a while ago, I made these cushions. I had about 4o minutes of free time, and with a grizzly toddler in one ear, they inevitably came out all wrong! The shapes were all wobbly, and the raindrops upside down etc...

Anyways, I do love my grizzly toddler, who seems to take special interest in the things I make that go wrong. Maybe she doesn't understand what looks 'right' or maybe she just feels a bit of sympathy for me.
Whatever the reason, they avoided the bin just because she liked them.

In other news, we are still waiting to finish our workshop renovation. Basically its all done, but we need the maintenance man for the workshop block, to fit a new sink in the new workshop part. Because we use some nasty chemicals and mucky polishing clay when we make jewellery, we need another sink with the kiddo around an all. So he still hasn't done it and we can't put back all the furniture until its finished, therefore I cant take the photos to show you all. 
:: blows big raspberries ::

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