an amazing thing happened

24 September 2013

Yes, can you believe it? We can't. After 10 years of building our business, with all its uncertantity, worry and hard work, we finally did it. We bought our own pile of bricks!
It's quite some feeling. To leave behind the world of renting. To be able to plan our future and plant things in the garden, hang pictures and put up shelves. Oh yes indeedo.

Of course it's more for her than us, so only right that she should take the key from the Estate Agents.

and take the first steps inside.

she was in awe of everything, and so much space to run about too!

and even a big shed at the bottom of the garden.

I showed her, her new room...

only joking of course, thats the broom cupboard.

we camped in the living room for a few nights whilst we painted the whole house. Its currently Magnolia, and we are in the 'Brilliant White' camp if you know what I mean.

The next morning we spotted a big squishy rabbit in the garden.

and then we went out for lunch...

we past by a wedding being held at this massive Mill house, with stunning flowers over the door...

then it was back to the painting.

a nice spot for a nap.

and then off to hunt down a huge kitchen table at the vintage yard.

 and then back to London.

We'll be moving to the Isle of Wight soon, with our furniture and everything. Until then its packing, packing and more packing which I hate. So much sorting out of things...I can't wait until we are settled in and can concentrate on a certain someones First Birthday!
Wish us luck!

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