8 September 2012


slowly but surely...we now have a 'corner' in the living room for the baby stuff. The cot is an old one we purchased from a lovely lady in Sussex. We'll move it into our bedroom when the time comes. I made some sheets for it with some vintage fabric and bought a new mattress for it too.
I have been collecting some wooden toys, this duck wobbles its head side to side when pulled along.

Nao has been painting like mad, we recently picked up this wooden draw thing from the market, and he gave it a makeover. Perfect for keeping all that baby bum cleaning equipment...
and below is my stash of second hand washable nappies. I'll see how it goes with these!

another recent find is this tiny wooden chest of drawers, also painted by Nao.

This book is blimmin funny, I don't think the kid will get it, but it makes me laugh anyways.

and another repainted cupboard! full of snot & puke cloths

and clothes of course...

So yes I think we are pretty good to go now, still have a month or so yet though, blimey.
We found out last week that the babe decided to turn upside down! That means that if it stays like that, I'll have to be cut open, holy crap! So I am doing all possible to coax this babe into the favourable 'head down' position by doing all kinds of bizarre exercises and acupuncture and bouncing on a huge ball. Very amusing! I think it is just swimming about in circles its on the naughty step as soon as it comes out. Just found out that husbondo Nao was also breech for a while when he was a babe, so I guess it will take after him!
Apart from that all is good, I feel look like a whale, but a very fat one. I just roll about from one place to the next, moaning and groaning..all good fun! Absolutely cant wait to meet this belly squatter in the real life, so now i'm just wishing for a safe and healthy delivery, x

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