DIY BABY - Part 7

16 September 2012


I made these today. Squishy, jingly cubes x 5...I'm hoping the tot will like?
I used wool felt and scraps of patterned fabric {the print is layered up with felt to make the thickness even}. I did them really quickly in my shed, as I tend not to stray too far from the sofa these admittedly they could have been a bit neater. Anyways, from a distance they look ok, I don't think tot is going to care less.

I had to use something to put the bells inside and I thought of kinder egg yolks. They worked a treat, the only trouble is that I'm now left with lots of chocolate and some plastic toys to assemble. Oh woe...

Some good news to those who read my last post, the babe has heard my threats of the naughty step, and has flipped 180 into the correct position, it was only breech for about 2 days thank goodness {well, actually, thanks to my lovely midwife for suggesting lots of funny stuff, that actually worked!} . Me hopes it will stay that way until eviction day.
Other than that, all is well...its just a waiting game now, so trying to make the most of our last quiet days.

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