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15 December 2011

Ooo Christmas...

this year, I got snipping away at some unfortunate books and made some {almost free} decorations.
Those gold baubles are edible, thus being recycle-able. win win!
Its not easy to decorate our flat because it is SOOO small, nearly every wall already has some thing, furniture or domestic items, shoved up against it, so no just to make it look sparkly.
So we have like one corner and a few lights in the bedroom, but, its enough to add a bit of festivities to our place i reckon.

our toucan picture has now been adorned, and i think he like it.

I also chopped up some wrapping paper to make holly leaves, and I used some vintage gold Rick-rack trimming to tie onto the tree.

a few cards from the past year or so.

Every year Plimsoll wonders why the humans have bought a tree into the house.

we have a few crackers left over from last year, you can read about those here.

i loved this reflection on the wall from our Angle Chimes...

the only modern thing on the tree are the lights and my new whale...

a bit smaller tree this year, I hope it will stay alive in its pot until next year too.

xmas trees always look better when all the other lights are off, don't you think?

ahhh, not long now eh!

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