christmas pressie wrappings

19 December 2011

my fave part of christmas is buying/making and wrapping up pressies for the nearest and dearest. I get really into it actually, and i can stay up all night wrapping pressies, grinning to myself and stuffing my mouth with mince pies at the same time.
This year I found some glittery paper which I quite liked, I don't usually buy paper {i just make it myself somehow}as its a bit pricey, but I did miss a bit of glitter. I made some initial labels out of that same book I was chopping up before {btw, that was an old book from a charity shop which had some kids scribblings on some of the pages}. Luckily no one has the same initials except me and my mum {A}, but I quizzed a bit whether it should be an 'M' for Mum?

I also used some book pages with tissue paper over the this point I was getting a bit too creative I think ; )

does anyone know what these are called? Y'know, when you cut up paper to make a chain of people, I used to do it at primary school. Great fun!

We had some lovely visitors at our Rust shop Open days. A lovely Japanese lady came from Brighton with these flowers for us, she follows my blog...hello! if you are reading this...nice to have met you, and we love these flowers!

aren't they amazing? I would love to know what these are called, or even what country they came from. They look like wool, in fact I bought some wool from Liberty's {when I attempted to learn to knit} and they were the EXACT same colours! I hope these flowers will be dry-able, because I'm planning to make them a permanent feature in our flat. {they are real by the way, but i did have to double check!}

also...a little sprig {i love the word 'sprig'!} of mistletoe came with them, Ive kissed Plimsoll a few times as she often wanders around that area, but she does not appreciate my affections.

and also, some gingerbread men from some lovely friends of ours. I can never bring myself to bite them though, so I might have to eat them in the dark so they cant look at me.
Our mantle piece is beginning to look like a small museum of sentimental items, which I rather enjoy looking at, whilst munching the odd mince pie as usual.

Happy wrapping folks! XX {if you havent done it already or course!}

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