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15 July 2010

A peek inside our shop today!
 I nice idea - thanks to Liberty!

some more lockets as they were really popular and kept selling out, now i have made a whole bunch of them! This time with a freshwater pearl or suspended on a sewn Liberty fabric strip, or silk ribbon.

This small weed is growing so well in the cup...I marvel at it's energy every morning, a bit of light and a drip of water and it is so grateful!

vintage bits and bobs as usual, a fish and a fox...

{fox & pearl necklace £85}

our engraver decorated this bangle all by hand using tiny chisels, it is amazing!

our new display involving tiny tea set! {those Liberty print and silver rose bracelets are £65 each}

1930s locket, and tiny silver scent bottle necklace with silk ribbon bow {bottle necklace £95}
silver or 9ct gold engraved disk necklaces too!

those little 9ct gold rings have small oval vintage semi-precious stones from an old necklace that had fallen apart.
the ring band is hand-faceted by me! {£210 each}

silver rose, onyx and 9ct gold chain earrings {£165}

I AM going to put these on the online shop when I can have a few minutes! Otherwise, available from our London shop {by appointment only}.

Time to start making our wedding rings! I have decided but Nao still can't make up his mind!!!


  1. Those are really gorgeous - can't decide which I like the best but know where I'm directing the husband when christmas rolls around!

  2. I just am in love with your display know how...oh and your designs too.

  3. your stuff is so beautiful- can't wait for these things to be in the shop- didn't know you had a blog- will visit often!


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