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17 August 2017

We live a very spontaneous life due to the way we run our business, we work just whenever, finding snippets of time here and there to work.
We decided to come to London again with the kids and left the next day. It is sometimes hard with two littles in tow to get work done and entertain them at the same time, but we like it this way! Sadly, our little P starts school this september and it will be somewhat of an end to our freedom. We will have to be at home every weekday at 3pm. It will mean a huge shift in our current lifestyle and way we make a living. It will mean an end to our spontaneous trips to London except school holiday time. Booo!

I'm being extreme of course, but we will have to spend less time as a family, as trips together will become less : ( So we are making the most of it this last year!
We try to find things in London that the kids would enjoy and spend some of their energy.
This time we were in London it rained the whole day non stop. We ended up at the Tate Modern which is near to our workshop, but we didn't look at a single piece of art.

Just running around then ate some cake.

The market at Spitalfields was amazing as usual. It's here that we come for inspiration for our jewellery or shop display, and for our home too!

I bought this little pot for my plants at home, and those glass tiles for our jewellery display...

The kids also love the market. We never leave without a car of some sort for Mr Leafy, and P loves finding little discarded shiny things on the floor.

I bought that pot I'm holding and a wind up crocodile. Nao bought some inks...

I do love wandering around East London.

I might have bought a couple of plants from here 😳

...and we happened across a lovely kids shop

We are getting to know a lot of London playgrounds!

We managed to park up in Covent Garden so that we could visit the new Petersham Nurseries shop.
I was pretty excited about this!

There is two separate shops next to each other, a small but perfectly formed deli, and a beautiful interiors shop, with chandeliers and ferns and gorgeous things.

I wanted this hat so badly! but it was a bit too expensive for me.

We had tea and cake when Mr Leafy sat on a chair for 2 mins and then ran around the apple market about 8 times.

On the way home i managed to get a few minutes to visit this garden centre in West London called West Six, that I've been wanting to come to for a while. So whilst the kids had a nap in the van, I went by myself.
They would let me take photos indoor, but they have a great stock of house plants and pots.

And a really nice cafe with friendly staff!👌

So, I hope my next post will be about camping, but the weather has really let us down this August.
We will be hosting our second Vintage Car Boot Sale on Sunday 27th, so I'll also be back with an update for that! We will be having some live music there this time, yay!!

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