21 August 2017

I've sort of given up on our garden lately, it's just too much hard work! I can't keep up with the weeds.
This year I have been focusing more in our indoor jungle, which is more worth while in that I can appreciate it all year round...and no weeds!
Our house had a new extension put on it before we moved in and it's very sunny due to the bi-folding doors and roof light, so it's quite a good spot for growing things in pots. I discovered that propagating plants from cuttings is dead easy when I accidentally broke off a stem and shoved it back into the soil, and hey presto! a new plant. I'm not one for doing things properly and I usually read the instructions only if something didn't work, so I'm a hap-hazard indoor gardener, with a pinch of luck.

I love collecting old pots, from antique markets and junk shops. I think any plant looks lovely in a nice old wonky terracotta pot.

I also have been collecting nice handmade objects that have a lovely texture and colour. I have a few pottery tea pots, and I love this wooden (butter mould?) I found a while ago.

My mister has just put up some shelves for me as an anniversary present! I have a fear of drilling into walls as I always make a mess of it. I now have a lot of pots to look at.

(by the way, the purple plums are from our garden and the little yellow plums are called Mirabelle and we found them next to a Halfords car park 😂).

I rescued this cactus from a Botanic Garden shop, it was very cheap and was grown outdoors. I'm really hoping it will start to look happy soon.

I also have a few orchids which are quite amazing flowers. They last for ages! One orchid I have has been flowering since May.

I'm also quite keen on those sort of 70s naff mountain scene pictures. I have just found two new ones. This is one of them, I'll show you the other one in the living room once I have got around to hanging it up.

What I like about having plants in the house is that, whilst I'm drinking my tea in the morning, I just do a little inspection, and when I see a new leaf, it's like my day has set off on a the right foot.

Also new are these hooks which were at our London work shop for many years. We now have a sort of utility area. Of course no one is allowed to use my special brushes!
We mostly use Henry the hoover.

This Devil's Ivy is growing in almost darkness, this room get no light at all.

I think the kids are so fed up with my plants. 'Mum it's getting like a jungle in here' 
But it is very educational!

But, they do love the Botanic Gardens in Ventnor. We have a membership there and visit often. It's my favourite place on the island ever since I can remember.

And I used to do this when I was P's age too!

We've been quite busy this summer, with the Vintage Car Boot Sale, work and London trips,we haven't been camping since June! We did have a couple of days at my mum's house so that we could have a nice anniversary dinner out. Maybe we will come back here very soon with our caravan, it's the best camping spot ever!

p.s. If you want to know all about indoor plants properly, then I'd recommend this book which has loads of info and nice pictures! 

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