the start of summer

2 June 2016

So it's finally feeling like summer here in Blighty, and that makes me very happy indeed! It has been a hard old winter, I had a pretty awful pregnancy and my body (and brain!) have yet to feel/look anywhere like normal. Thats all to be expected of course, but it is nice to feel like one's self again isn't it? Our little boy has grown so much already and he is only 2 months old. Last week my mister had to fly to Japan for a week at short notice (for a funeral),  and I was a bit scared to cope on my own as our baby would not be put down anywhere without screaming till he was purple. 
Luckily he grew out of this just in the nick of time, and the week went past easily and I actually really enjoyed focusing just on the tots for once.

Now he just wiggles and smiles on his basket, I could start organising our garden a bit. I invested in some hideous garden toys (yet to be assembled) to keep the littles happy whilst I sleep work.
I also made a sand pit and paddling pool out of plastic storage tubs, and painted the picnic bench (as it had gone all mouldy from last year).

I found a beach sand ice cream making toy, and then my daughter wanted an ice cream van (we see a lot of these on the Island!). So I made her a VW camper/ice cream van out of a card board box.

It has a musical box inside, to announce when the ice cream van is coming.

With a sleeping babe, we also had time to bake a cake for my mister's home coming, which she expertly decorated...she was really proud of this cake ; )

Life is slightly less intense now, and we are finding a little bit of routine in our daily lives again.
It is a surreal time, to give birth and absorb the fact that we created another human and it will grow into another child! It is amazing and weird and scary and exciting...ha ha!!


  1. Okay, I'm kind of laughing that in the midst of all this you painted an entire picnic table, but it just makes me love you guys more. You are amazing. 💕

  2. You're doing such a wonderful job! I hope to do half as well when I have my second in November, my lively boy will be just 2. Can't believe you been able to do so much single handed, super mama.

  3. Wow....I'm in absolute awe of your energy! Just love the ice cream van..... more power to you for your creativity, energy and lovely pictures. You probably don't think it (we're always our own worst critics) but Supermum springs to mind. Here in Ireland we've had a whole week of glorious sunshine...... doesn't it just make you so happy to be alive?! :)

  4. The picnic table looks great and puts mine to shame. What a clever mum you are...the ice cream van is a triumph and the cake looks bloody delicious, I bet it didn't last long. Love that last pic of Pehr and pleased to hear Bubs has grown out of purple phase.

  5. Wow, you did so much! I would have been proud if everyone was just still alive, well-fed, and passably clean. But that grin in the last picture - just wonderful.

  6. Summer is wonderful- thanks for sharing yours. Sorry for Mister's loss- and glad he has the comfort of new life in the little 'un.

  7. You are truly amazing! New baby, painting a table, making an awe inspiring ice cream truck for your daughter and a to die for cake for your husband.......WOW! I would love to get your recipe someday when life settles down a little for you. It just looks so beautiful......
    Sorry about the passing of a loved one in Japan. You are doing so well as a Mom of two!


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