our vintage caravan renovation project (part 1)

16 June 2016

We like to keep ourselves busy in the Junkaholique household, so with no new projects on the go, we had to find a new thing to get our teeth into. I have always wanted a little caravan to do up but never had the logistics to get it about or store it. We currently have a space in a barn storage, and with another addition to our family, our camper van is getting a bit snug! (Actually it's perfect for a family of four, it just doesn't have much storage space for all the beach toys, food, blankets and firewood. I don't think people had these things back in 1978??), it made it possible to finally get one.

We won this 1970s Thomson Mini-Glen on ebay, and the very kind owner drove it down from Cambridgeshire to Southampton, to a car park where we exchanged cash for our new home on wheels and then we took it back on the ferry. We were very excited! But I think the littleuns less so, our daughter may have been put off by the 70s decor ; ) In fact I think she thought we were betraying her beloved camper van so I had to explain that we will take this one as well as the camper van. "But where's the steering wheel??" "I'm still going to sleep in Vanny".

We are going to totally transform this caravan inside and out and have pretty much got the colour scheme worked out, and even a name!

It is tiny! but just like the tardis, it is like a neat hotel room inside, with kitchen, bathroom, and a dining room that turns into double bed. Also a wardrobe, a crazy 70s notion that you will need to keep your dress/suit nice and neat whilst camping...our van had one of these too!
*edit* just discovered a cocktail bar as well!??!!

We've already ripped out some of the cupboards that were rotten, the carpet has come out as well as the curtains and seat cushions which were turning into dust.

We have so many ideas of how we are going to use this caravan, mobile Junkaholique shop? jewellery showroom?? Exciting!! I will of course update our progress with some more photos shortly.

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