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10 May 2016

We have been treated to a few days of glorious spring weather here in Blighty. I might be proud enough to say that there is nowhere quite as lovely as Britain in the spring time.
This yellow field of rapeseed has been planted quite near to our town, and on a warm evening, some wafts of flowery scent come drifting over to us at home.
There is something about these fields that make you sort of want to 'dive' into it, or run about 'Sound of Music' stylie.

On the other spectrum, the bluebells are out in force this time of the year too, we went adventuring up Mottistone Downs...

Our son is 6 weeks old now, he is smiling and growing, those are his two occupations. Sleeping whilst attached to a human is what he does for the rest of the time. He is a total joy and I am doing my best to read him and make him happy. His blonde hair has rubbed off and is being replaced with a shade darker, and his look is already changing from British to Japanese.

Another flower that grows happily here all over the Island is Gorse, it gives the place a sort of Mediterranean feel (when you squint your eyes).

When we have a couple of hours without our toddler, we escape to have a nice lunch. On the hottest day of the year so far we went to Colwell Bay.

We imagine that we are on holiday in Greece or somewhere tropical, when actually we are just down the road from our house. Britain on a good day!

Sometimes he sleeps at convenient times ; )

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