March window

26 February 2016

Our new spring window display at our RUST Yarmouth shop...

I found these victorian paper butterflies which I thought could be attached to wires and look like they were flying. Then I had the idea to make birds out of paper flying out of an old book too!
We have had the book for ages, it is from 1760s and is all about Dorset, it came from a market somewhere I don't remember.

Nao helped by making these fantastic birds nests out of moss and twigs, the eggs are cadburys mini eggs ; )

What I like about this display is that I don't have to water it or anything! ...

We are currently open weekends only, 12-5pm, but please check our website on the day if you are traveling there as we may have to close the shop at short notice. I hope to upload some new items to our online shop soon. All updates via our Rust instagram/facebook and blog.

More past window displays here.


  1. I hope all the people around your town appreciate your wonderful artistry!!

  2. your window is beautiful.... it has a feel of new beginnings about it, so delicate and full of movement.... a joy!

  3. Bravo! Absolutely beautiful window and jewelry!

    Hope you are getting rest!

  4. I love the butterflies and the fox earrings! very beautiful

  5. What a wonderful blog you have created, I've just discovered it today and am cram reading! I love your outlook on life and your style. xx

  6. I love, LOVE your store displays very much! Can you tell me what you attached the wire to? (as a base?) Are the wires stuck into the open book? or...?? I'm an art teacher and would love to recreate a spring still life in a similar fashion... my students are de-constructing books for an upcoming project... :)


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