23 March 2016

Happy Ä’ostre everyone! I'm so glad that there is already a whiff of summer in the air, it really is the best time of the year in my opinion. I am going to be a soon to be mother of two! Not long to go now,  it's all getting very exciting here (and uncomfortable!!). I declared myself on maternity leave for a few weeks, which has been bliss. It's so good to have a break from work responsibilities and emails and messages etc...I have shut myself off from the outside world to get some peace, and concentrate on spending time with my daughter. Thankfully, I only look after her 3 or 4 days per week (me and my mister go halves on the family rearing) so it's not too strenuous.
I have been doing lots of making and baking with the tot because she absolutely loves it! We recently made some birds nests out of chocolate, shredded wheat, flake and ground pistachio nuts for moss.
They went down a treat.

She is proper good at making biscuits now too!

 ...and cakes...

Although I suspect that part of the excitement of baking is that she can actually eat her creations (she has a very sweet tooth, oops)

I had a birthday earlier in the month, which I was quite happy to ignore, except my tot chose this card for me, she knows me too well (I read all 12 Poldark novels last year)

So it has been a difficult time being so huge and everything, but it has been so good to have a relax in my hermit-like bubble.
I have another post up my sleeve...hopefully upload photos tonight ; )


  1. 11 Poldark novels in a year! Now thats an achievement. All the very best with the upcoming birth of your second.

  2. It's a very special time for you all. I think your tot will make a great big sis. xx

  3. Happy spring hermit-ing, and pistachio moss - love that! I hope you are not too uncomfortable xxx

  4. Pehr is such a baker...she is so lucky to have you both as parents who let her try things! I know she is going to be so helpful when the baby comes.

    Looking forward to your next blog post and pictures, but most of all, be good to yourself!


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