the battery cafe at the needles

26 February 2016

So here are a few pictures from my mister & tot's recent trip up the cliff to the Battery cafe, at the Needles. This place is ALWAYS windy, and at least once a year winds reach near 100mph quite easily. The battery (1862) was also used during WW2 and has a museum and exhibitions and such like. All very interesting, but of course the main feature is the cafe ; )

Situated in the lookout tower, up a few flights of stairs, you can find this teeny tiny cafe, with a 1940s vibe.

I love the vintage newspapers and binoculars.

With spectacular views of the lighthouse...

The Battery is run by the National Trust, and during the summer season, when the battery is open, you have to pay to get in but during the winter, access is free to the cafe (which I think is open all year). Only problem is that during the winter you have to walk along the cliff from the Needles car park as there is no bus running out of season and you're not allowed to drive up to it along the cliff.

It's definitely worth the walk for amazing views and a sumptuous slice of cake or sandwich!

the view from the Needles car park...

On a completely different subject, our littlun recently attended her first ever fancy dress party! Her best mate turned three, and she had to dress up as a pirate...we got busy making a cardboard hat and sword (pictured here in the sheath, ha ha!!)

The jacket she is wearing is something I found at an antiques market about 6 years ago. I think it is for an older child and is very old, I think 1920s or 30s theatre costume or something? It has an amazing cut at the back. Its silver edging has all frayed and is falling off! So glad I kept it though as I forgot I still had it, and it actually got worn for something!! The flamboyant lace cuffs are hilarious!

She had a fantastic time!


  1. I so look forward to your blog posts. Everything is so charming and little 'un just makes me laugh out loud! :D

  2. Pehr the pirate...awesome! I love her sword! Tell her she looked very dangerous! The pictures are so lovely!

    Hope they brought you back goodies to eat!

  3. Completely adorable !!!

  4. Hi Artemis - we moved from the Island in 2000 and now live in Western Australia - I love visiting your blog and seeing beautiful pictures of home :) It makes me smile x

  5. That little 'un is dynamite! Aren't you glad you bought/saved/remembered that fabulous jacket? Best pirate ever!


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