Winter festivities at Rust 2015

22 November 2015

Xmas has arrived at our Rust Yarmouth shop, oh yes indeed! The reason we jumped at the chance to get our mitts on this shop was because we saw a beautiful shop front with a lot of potential, with a repaint and gutting of previous tenants cabinets in the window. It has two huge windows that are perfect for decorating. Now we are in the deepest depths of winter, we decided to go for a wintery forest feeling, so I cut out trees from white cardboard, and my mister went off to find some tree stumps cut to size. We ordered masses of fake snow and drew snow drops on the glass with chalk pen.

We also brought my tricycle in from the cold, and put our potted xmas tree in the back (that was also in the garden since last year!). Our littlleun loved throwing snow all over it.
I have been making a few Junkaholique items for the shop too. I already showed you some of the linen pouches I made, but I also made some scented candles using little vintage coffee cups I have been collecting. I used pure soy wax (which burns twice as long as paraffin wax and does not create any soot or nasty toxins in the air) and essential oils. The smell in our kitchen was amazing. I used Pine, Bergamot and sweet orange essential oils so it was definitely getting me in the festive mood.

In the shop I spent all day making labels, very satisfying ; )

I have also been making huge mounds of xmas cards too, with added glitter of course! It was a bit too dark to get any good pictures but I will post more to our Rust Instagram soon.

And, I made a few little candles in tins which you can take traveling or camping, or anywhere!

The candles and pouches are only available to buy directly from our Rust shop in Yarmouth Isle of Wight. Happy November peeps!

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