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16 November 2015

We had a little holiday last week, just four nights, but for us it is very unusual to pay for somewhere proper to stay instead of just camping. When you run your own business, you get used to not having any long paid holiday, sick leave or maternity leave...(I was answering work emails the day after giving birth last time!) I much prefer it to working in a boring office that I used to many moons ago.
Anyways, it's been quite some year for us, my mister refurbished our Tokyo shop, then a few months later we signed a lease to our new Isle of Wight shop, shortly after that I found out I was having a baby, so working hard fitting out the new shop with constant nausea and fatigue was one of the hardest things I have done in my life...oh and entertaining a toddler a the same time! Needless to say, we needed a break, so we booked one of these wooden chalet type houses in the woods in Hampshire.

It was so lovely to get away somewhere different, although I never want the kind of life that you need a holiday from, it was nice not to be able to do anything or worry about work or the housework! Just looking out of the window or sitting in the hot tub (yes, me and my nipper were careful about the temperature ; ), playing jenga etc...

Our tot just never stopped running about the house since the minute we arrived. She had a huge meltdown when we had to leave. She loved the hot tub so much, we were talking about having one installed at home!

The forest is very near one of my favourite cities, Winchester, not far from the Isle of Wight. It is amazing at xmas time with so many gorgeous lights. 

...and our favourite xmassy shop ,The Hambledon.

We had such a good time there, it's called Forest Holidays and I'm sure we will be visiting again : )

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