29 May 2015

I have been a tad busy of late, I guess that has been reflected in my absence blog-wise. One of the reasons was because we have been working on our new garden studio greenhouse which we are all a bit over excited about! 

So the story is... we had a huge massive bush type shrub thing that we inherited from the previous owner. It was too big for us to prune, and it cast a big shadow over the bottom half of the garden (we have one of those long, thin gardens). We thought about a better way we could use the (valuable) space, and we also needed a nice place to work on designing jewellery and working on computers (my mister and I already have our own workshop sheds here and here).
We went to our local garden building place and had a look at what they had...then we saw this greenhouse and we ordered it straight away (we had a small 'windfall' of available cash at the time ; )
Their builders came and installed it for us, with a concrete base and gravel around it, all we had to do was lay a wooden floor (Nao did this) and just move in.

We added some shade for the ceiling, and power sockets via an extension lead so we can have lights, fan, heater, radio etc... The roof vents open automatically via a thermostat, so when it gets hot they open by themselves! so clever innit.

I put in a few toys so that when I'm with my kiddo, I can still attempt to get some work done. I generally try to avoid this, but sometimes I have to work suddenly, without notice.

I had a lot of fun collecting nice storage baskets and bits for my desk. my mister did the same ; )

I do have to have some boring things in there, like a printer, but I hid it under the desk.

The only problem we have are insects. At the moment it's fine but I know that in late summer we will be engulfed by crane flies, and I find them repulsive! (sorry crane flies, but it's true). I have some insect screening to put up, so i will see how it goes.

It's nice to have a desk next to my mister for a change, although we rarely will be working together, as we take it in turns looking after the nipper, so unless she can amuse herself with her toys, there will probably be just one of us at a time in here.

I love to look at it all lit up at night. It reminds me of a bar on some tropical island...pina colada anyone?

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