Lizzie's magical forest adventure

11 May 2015

Last weekend we had the most amazing time, deep in the bluebell woods with trickling stream and dappled light...Lizzie's Way! Our friend Lizzie is a super creative lady who creates a Camp Bestival woodland adventure, full of games and activities for kid's to get in touch with their wild side. 
This one day event on the Isle of Wight is part of Camp Bestival on tour.
I really wanted to be a five year old again ; )

There ware so many places to explore and kids running about in all directions. I tried not to get other children in shot for the purpose of this blog, I waited until the end. There was potion making, reading corner, puppet theatre, wish making, flag making, treasure hunting, dressing up, mud kitchen, dens, play shop, and more! Every tiny detail was so creative and colourful, and exactly what the kids wanted (and tea and biccies for the adults!).

we loved this 'make a wish' ribbons...our littlun made a 'drawing' instead!

brilliant puppet theatre!

panning for gold coins in the stream!

It was simply magical and we feel very lucky to have had the chance to see it. You will be able to go to a similar event at the Camp Bestival woods where Lizzie will be covered in mud and toddlers I expect! 

you can find out more about what Lizzie gets up to via her Facebook page...and instagram.

...and other events on the Camp Bestival on tour here>

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