spring in the woods

8 May 2015

One of the reasons we bought our house (an it was the only one we looked at!) was because it is right next to a conservation site, which is home to a river, marsh and woods. The distance is so close that our tot has been able to walk there (without buggy or carrier) for nearly a year. The woods is small and impossible to get lost in, yet it's quite disorientating so it feels a lot bigger. There are HUGE cedar trees in one area but the rest is of native species of trees like oak, beech and hazel.

We are so happy to find an amazing array of spring flowers there today, and we took a small picnic with us, hot chocolate, gingerbread biscuits and a banana.

(this is the old disused railway track that joins one town to the other, the woods is just off this track)

I'd heard about the bluebells, but no one mentioned the mass of wild orchids in flower!

and teeny weeny violets.

...and the odd 'white' bell amongst the blue.

Our littlun seems to love her new rucksack, she filled it full of toys and carried that heavy load with her all the way.

It really is amazing that you can reach this place in just 10 minutes walk from the ferry, so if you don't have a car, it's a nice place to come if you want a break from the city ; )

She knows these paths like the back of her hand, and always stops to check if the eels have come back, or if there are any baby fish in the mill stream. I suppose she won't remember anything of her life in London where she lived until one year old. Our tiny flat and the neighbours upstairs, the crowded park and the noisy buses. She does love going to London though, but I can't imagine she'd want to live there...not right now anyway.

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