another rucksack (backpack, knapsack, whatever)

8 May 2015

So because my littlun burst into my shed when I was making a rucksack as pressie for another kiddo, she obviously wanted one feeling a tad bad, I promised her I would, and let her chose the fabric (from my collection that I chose, so not strictly speaking her choice ha ha!). She quickly went through each fabric with an abrupt 'no' 'no 'no' until she landed on this one and the one with raindrops on, then she said in a very matter of fact way 'this one, the polar bear one'.

I made a straight forward style rucksack because I fancied the challenge. It was not easy, but it is to do with the bulk fabric feeding through the machine rather than the design which is quite basic to work out. I added padding on the back and straps, and a large handle at the top to make it easy for her to hook onto a door knob or coat hook (and useful to grab hold of her if she bolts off in the wrong direction!). I used a soft grey needlecord on the back (same as the last one) and a dark blue/grey felt on the front for the pocket. It is lined in thick calico (also like the other one).

(this little white bear peeping out of the seams was a happy accident, as the littlun finds it hilarious!)

 ...and I made a little name label which I embroidered with neon thread.

I'm quite please with how it turned out, as I had quite a few issues with it, but with a some deep breaths and cups of tea, I managed to resolve them instead of giving up on it, so I have a bit of a sense of achievement in this little bag! It is quite wonky if you look at it closely, but I have come to learn that, you need to accept some faults or you will never end up finishing anything.

It also turned out that she loves it! and as soon as she put it on, said "I want to go to school Mum, I'm going to get older and go to school Mum" (not just yet, pleeeeeease!!)

She stuffed it full of random toys and empty play doh tubs (?)

...and we planned an adventure for the day with our rucksacks on our backs!

p.s. the blog post after this one, is what we did on that adventure!


  1. Can't wait to read more of your adventures! Pehr is so stinkin' cute! I love you both!

    The backpack is wonderful! Polar Bears was were the perfect choice...she has good taste!

  2. So professional! Where did you source those buckles? They give it the edge. Brilliant.

  3. Gorgeous - the knapsack, the pics and, of course, little Miss P. Love that bear fabric. Do you mind sharing what it is please?

  4. Hi Artemis! I just wanted to say, if you were ever to publish a book, I would be the first one to buy it. Lots of love, Julia x

  5. Oh, the wonderful powers of a cup of tea! Don't worry about wonkiness - supposedly some ancient cultures would make sure a product had an error in it so the gods wouldn't be angered by human perfection (or be accused of hubris). Never a problem on any of my projects. ;-)

  6. Clarification - Hubris never a problem on my projects! :-)

  7. Lovely backpack! And pretty girl to :)

  8. Love little bag-ladies! I'm always finding bags here and there stuffed with very random things... my girl is 7 and has been doing it since she was Pehr's age!


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