homemade rucksack (backpack, knapsack, whatever!!)

26 April 2015

I made a rucksack! It's not for me but another little person in the family, who had a birthday recently. 
I got the idea for the design from a bag I already had as it looked quite simple to make, but,  it was not simple to make! It was just pretty difficult to get some bulk fabric through the machine and it is quite a complicated task to work out how to construct it so that hardly any stitches can be seen on the outside, it's a bit like rubix cube. 
Any how, I'm fairly pleased with the result, it is pretty sturdy and will do the job well enough I think. The only real mistake I made was that I put the straps too far apart at the top for a small person so it better suits an older girl. The recipient is three, oops. At least she won't grow out of it for a while ; ) I added a small detachable clip to the straps to make it fit better but I have yet to test it out on a toddler. 

I doubled up the fabric by using thick canvas for the lining and corduroy with wadding for the back panel to give it some oomph. I bought the webbing, buckles and adjusters from a supplier on Ebay quite cheaply.

I used these magnetic fasteners, I backed them on the inside with a bit of thick wool felt to reinforce the fabric. The straps are padded with polyester wadding

...and I bound the inside seems with the stripey bias binding.

Of course no handmade pressie is compete without a name label...I embroidered this with neon pink sewing thread onto cotton tape.

I really enjoyed this project and working in my shed on a sunny afternoon...I had some visits from my nipper to see what I was up to...needless to say I have now been commissioned to make one for her too (she has already chosen the fabric for her's). By the way, the fabric I used is 100% organic cotton by Birch fabrics and unbleached cotton calico from my local haberdashers.

I hope that she can take it on her future outdoor adventures, being a country girl, I'm sure there will be many! I put some things inside too...a story about camping (Orlando the cat if you know it?), a lantern and a little toy wolf (camping buddy!).

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