very quiet days.

21 January 2015

I was on a 'making and doing' roll, but I suddenly came down with the lurgy. I had to cancel my work trip to London, and me and the tot were at home, ill and watching Toy Story over and over. I actually started to think about some very deep physiological messages in those films...about imagination and freedom to have ideas and not be stuck within the bounds of rules. All the characters are different and have different skills and abilities which together enable them to defy all odds stacked against them. Deep, so so deep. ...I have watched too much telly.

Anyways, besides that I have mainly been looking at daffodils.

And admiring our oars that my mister put up as a stair rail.

and our new sofa that we bought from Tesco (it's even made in the UK would you believe). Now we have a sofa each for maximum horizontal relaxation ; )

...and my ├╝ber 70s door mat, I have so many memories of macrame rugs and lampshades when I was a nipper. It's my favourite decade by far!

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