january quilt

26 January 2015

I made a small quilt yesterday. I did mean for it to be bigger but I didn't have as much fabric as I thought stupidly. Anways it's big enough to cover me legs whilst supping tea and watching the box.
I made it really warm, with brushed cotton which is actually curtain lining fabric (?) so cheap but so soft and nice. It has a layer of fleece in the middle too so it's quite thick. I used some navy corduroy and some other bits of left over fabric.

I recently found the remote control for our camera and thought it would be nice to get some photos of us on our new sofa, but it didn't really go to plan ; )

I also made another bobble scarf the other day, I felt so down with this winter funk going on, so I just knitted myself happy.

our tot got hold of the remote and enjoyed taking some self portraits!

 She's getting so big now!


  1. You made a quilt in a day? It's lovely, but you know that navy corduroy is going to attract cat hair like nobody's business. lol.
    Love that pic where only Pehr's foot is visible. I'm knitting frenziedly too, a cowl for me, gotta feeling you made one too a while back?

  2. I'm knitting like never before as well. We're having lovely days here in Italy but it's cold (of course, it's january) and I can't stand cold weather. I've never made a quilt in my entire life, it looks like something that could easily get on my nerves! Yours is lovely.

  3. lovely images as always ! what has happened to your friend, more tea vicar? their blog has gone!

  4. Just noticed the colours match your junkaholique logo, its a themed quilt! Perfect.

  5. Quilt is wonderfull and your girl also!! Greetings from Czech Republic:-)

  6. Pehr is just so cute I can barely take it! My toddler loved the instagram photo of her pretending to poo like a bunny. She is obsessed with anything poo and fart related. Cracks her up. And me!

  7. Kiddo is just adorable. Love the quilt!!!

  8. A few week ago my co-blogger Ale was making the exact same scarf as you (https://craftosphereexplorers.wordpress.com/2015/01/20/diy-color-block-crochet-pom-pom-scarf/). How funny :-) I love you beautiful blog! Many greetings from Zurich & London, Antje & Ale

    1. Oh yes! They are almost the same! I prefer the stitch on your one better. They are a bit addictive to make aren't they? So many colour combinations to make. I made a pale blue and grey one for my daughter for Xmas but I think she will have at least 10 by the end of winter (seeing as that's all I can knit ; ).


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