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15 January 2015

I have been away from my blog for a bit longer than intended. I am in full 'combat January blues' mode, so I am setting myself small projects for when it's Daddy day (we alternate the childcare duties daily). 
Don't know if it's just me, but my mood is effected by lack of light AND my environment, so if it's all messy (which it is 90% of the time because I hate housework) it really gets me down, so both together could be a bit of a disaster for me. 

Since Xmas finished, I have been cleaning and re-arranging things in the house to make it feel less cluttered. Toys are a major factor these days. Our littlun is really into them all, so I'm happy to keep hold of most of them during this time, so I invested in some storage boxes and Ikea tubs with wheels on that slide under tables and such. We are teaching our littlun to tidy things away after playing, and she really appreciates a tidy room as much as I do.

Our Kiddo's room is very small, and it tends to just accumulate so much on the floor so it looks like a bomb went off in there. So I decided that would make a good little project for me to focus on.
Of course one thing led to another and I started thinking about new pictures for her wall, and um...a new curtain! I found this bed sheet (above) in the Zara sale and thought it was too nice to put on the bed. I also purchased a moon poster from Germany. 

I'm too lazy (and slightly worried) to have a big glass poster frame in the Tot's room, so I decided to make a wooden poster hanger, I'm really pleased with how it turned out so I will make some more for around the house.

I found a plain wooden box on Ebay, and thought I could snazzy it up a bit with some casters and an upholstered lid. The wood on the bottom was too thin to screw on the wheels to I added some batons to attach them to.

They were a bit boring grey, so after some Pinterest inspiration, I sprayed them neon pink!

Not it's intended use, but y'now...

 Her mobile is still going strong after two years...

 ...I also made a sort of book stand/blackboard out of a plywood off-cut, it was £5 at b&q, I masked out a house shape so she can draw rooms and things on it. There are little shelves to hold chalk and a duster.

I painted this old storm lamp that we found in a flea market years ago. It was a rusty coppery colour metal, now it is pale grey and looks completely different.

I switched the bed around and now it feels much bigger in there. Also no toys taking up floor space hooray! To be very honest with you, I wish this was my room, shhhhh!!!

Job done.


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