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8 September 2014

I haven't been weaving for a couple of years now. I love weaving on my loom but it takes a day of intense concentration just to put the warp on it, and this tends to put me off. BUT, I had the notion the other day that I could get a simple frame loom, and make some small tapestries instead. It only takes a few minutes to set up the warp and I can make more creative pieces which are much smaller, but can be undertaken on the sofa, with feet up and glass of vino at my side. Much more agreeable hobby me thinks.

I found this little frame on the internet, they are quite cheap so I bought some different sizes to experiment on. I decided to make the width between the warp smaller on this one so I hammered in lots of tiny nails.

I can keep all my tools in this canvas roll so it's totally portable.

unlike weaving, tapestry uses shorter lengths of different coloured weft threads, and so you use a wooden bobbin. However I found it much easier to use a knitter's needle (large eyed metal sewing needle).

I experimented with some gold and other metallic threads, making shapes in this way on the loom is totally new to me, so it was a bit of a learning curve.

Tah dah! a wall hanging...

and some other experiments with different thicknesses of warp.

I love that it all fits in my basket. I used to use a loom that took up half the room!

I space I rearranged for weaving, and some flowers from our garden that were clinging onto summer.

Here are some of my previous weavings and looms. I started with my first loom which had four heddles. Heddles are devices that lift up certain threads to create a pattern, the more heddles, the more complicated patterns can be achieved. In tapestry weaving you just have your needle to create the pattern, so although it looks simpler, tapestry weaving takes more brain power!

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