Helford River - Cornwall

25 July 2014

Another side of Cornwall (and the part I'm more familiar with) are the rivers and creeks such as Helford. It's very nice change after all the rocks and crashing waves...

...very peaceful indeed.

we had lunch in a pub overlooking the water, before visiting Gweek Seal Sanctury. The littlun seemed to enjoy 3 of the £1 (!!!) operated boat ride. doh!

we made it to the campsite, in Lansallos, and ummed and ahhed about staying longer (we only planned a four day trip!). Littlun ate more nectarines.

We decided to stay one night and visit Fowey again, and stay at Dartmoor on the way back home.


  1. Your adventures always inspire me to get out and see more of the country :)

  2. I love Helford, so pretty! We were there a few weeks ago. The little church in the village did the best crab sandwiches. yum!
    Love all your photos x


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