The Lizard - Cornwall

25 July 2014

We found a nice peaceful campsite right next to Kynance Cove, which has always been a favourite beach of mine. In the morning we had a little trip to Cadgwith Cove, where we had a rather fine cream tea for breakfast.

Nipper ran so fast down the pathway to the cove, with sandals flying off every two seconds.

a proper fishing cove, with fish guts and all!

later that day, I pretended to be a donkey and climb down the hill to Kynance Cove with a small human attached to me.

the tide was up when we arrived (there is a nice unusual beach around the corner at low tide) but it gave us enough time for a spot of lunch and a cup of tea.

finally , after the nipper played endlessly with sand and her shovel, and scaled vertical rocky cliffs, we waded through the fairly choppy sea to the other side.

I think she thought she'd arrived in some kind of toddler heaven.

we swam, we explored caves and pools, and nipper covered herself in nectarine juice.

then a rather hefty hike back to our home.

and a certain someone's new vehicle.


  1. Anonymous26.7.14

    Such lovely photos of Cornwall, particularly Kynance, magical place! So excited about taking my two little ones there in a few weeks time! Laura x

  2. Such lovely photos. I wish it wasn't so far away from us, we have only visited once.x


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