13 June 2014

This is the story of our boat Sprout.

We bought our boat for very small monies (£95) in May (or April? I can't remember!), we searched far and wide for a nice little dinghy but we only found one for sale! Sadly it needed quite a bit of tlc, we knew we'd have to repaint it, but after chipping away some nasty looking filler, we found...

a nasty big hole.

thinking that this dinghy was doomed to be a flower planter, we thought about looking for a different boat. BUT not much gets in the way of my mister and his dreams, so he found out how to repair fibreglass, and low and behold, he fixed it!

back to the cosmetic stuff...lots and lots of sanding. We loved the original colour of the boat and after discovering that boat paints basically come in red blue or white, we were tipped off by my brother that we could get some floor paint mixed to the same colour and should do the job ok (he is knowledgable about all things boat). Yay! only we had to buy a massive tub of the stuff, anyone want green floors??

the woodwork was covered in some yuck brown varnish which was a bugger to get off.

we painted also painted the inside white.

mister Nao also replaced a metal strip underneath

a bit dull but...the boat has integral buoyancy which are like voids within the boat shell. They were packed with some weird foam which was all damp and gross (worring!) so he cut out some circles and gouged out all of that stuff which took forever.

he replaced the holes with little boat hatches so we can make future repairs easier and use it for storage.

bottom of the garden workshop!

I got to work on the manky oars which we found for a few quid. They had about a hundred years of varnish and were all cracked. You could just about make out a little hand painted emblem, probably of some sailing/rowing club? The copper bands had completely corroded.

after lots of careful varnish removing (i could actually peel it off in places so managed to keep the emblems just about) I replaced the copper bands (these will tarnish very quickly once in the water) and Nao attached some leather grips to hold them in the rowlocks.

we liked the look of this rope we found which looks and feels natural but is actually synthetic so it wont rot. Nao attached it around the boat.

I painted on the new name we chose...and after some new metal rowlocks were attached, we were ready for launch day!

possibly one of the most exciting days of our lives.

we only just realised its nearly the same colour as our camper van!

we managed to find a little trailer for £40 yay!

we had a quick row out in the river near our house. It was quite late for little tot by this time and she was not happy about wearing her lifejacket (she turns into a Weretot past 6.30pm).

It was such a beautiful evening with just the sound of the water lapping against the boat. It was funny to see the town from a different view. You feel so small when you are in a boat, like the sea is so huge and could take you anywhere. In this case it would only take us to the harbour ; )

back to our van for takeaway curry and watch the sunset...

 can't wait to see you again Sprout!

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